About The Artist

“The meaning of life is to find your gift.  

The Purpose of life is to give it away.”

~William Shakespeare

Kelly E. Claeys
Mixed Media Artist

My creativity has fought its way out of me since birth. I have tried to “be” other things, but I always come back to me, the artist. Over a lifetime, I have learned to embrace it, channel it, and find outlets to put it out into the world. I primarily work with mixed media, which in plain terms, I put “stuff” on my artwork.  It must have some 3D element to it.  A sparkle, a gem, a shell, shards of glass, the list goes on.  Anything not nailed down may find its way to a piece.  I found an unlikely niche painting and adorning mermaids on wood and I have spent the last five years bringing mermaids “to life”. Currently, exclusively by special order. Each piece I create, a little bit of me me resides in it, my struggles and my triumphs, because they are engrained in every brush stroke. Art IS therapy.  I am still discovering who I am in my personal life, in this body I was gifted, but what I do know is what I am. I am an artist. May your home and your heart be filled with light and love...              Always,


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