Things To Do During a Pandemic: Colored Pencil Fun!

What to do during quarantine?? Well I decided to do a Facebook live event. I walked and talked and colored my way through a colored pencil instruction. A great time was had by all! I offered a printable gray scale copy of one of my original mermaid paintings. In addition I included a general "how to" when starting to dabble with colored pencils. If you have not tried WATERCOLOR colored pencils, I highly recommend!

Art is absolutely in the eye of the beholder, and subjective, to say the least. But there are certain elements of design, "rules" or helpful hints that can help you to hone your pencil drawings, paintings and all things creative.

Click on these PDF files and have some fun!

Would love to have you end me your completed mermaid coloring page :)



Hopefully this isn't too fast for you!? Lol!

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