Therapeutic Art Expression 

Get out of my head and into ART!

Safe and Healthy Emotional Release 

My breathing is calm when engrossed in ART!

Relaxation and Self-Soothing 

It's hard to panic when I am creating ART!

Create and Keep Coping Skills


I am not alone!

Survivor Bonding Experience

I am my ART, it is part of me!

Create a positive outlet and hobby for LIFE!

How does ART help me and how will it help you?



Like many of you, I am a survivor of trauma. Not from one event, but many, over the span of my lifetime and across many decades. For so very long I felt as if I were trapped in a cage, from which I would unlikely ever be free. I certainly did not invite the circumstances that produced my trauma, and definitely did not deserve it, but I am the one who kept me there, in that cage. And I stayed there for quite some time. And what I continue to learn, is that the only one who can truly set you free, is YOU.

Start Living Life Uncaged!

These are crazy times but that doesn't

mean we can't connect! Contact me about virtual art fun! 

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